Smart Media Buying & Paid Media

Smart Media Buying

Davis Media and its alliance partners control over $100 million dollars in media dollars on an annual basis. In addition to U.S. coverage, Davis Media works with television and radio stations on a global basis. We are able to leverage this tremendous buying power to offer our clients competitive media rates resulting in a positive outcome to their bottom line.

What separates Davis Media from all the rest are the relationships and connections developed over decades of service to a wide variety of clients. This means, our clients have access to the best time spots on the best networks first!

The Davis Media team will provide its services as the official agency of record for your brand and negotiate the best possible rates on with a broad spectrum of stations. We will select from the best time periods available, secure the lowest possible rates and leverage our strong relationships with media outlets on your behalf.

Services Include:

  • Strategic planning and negotiations
  • Buying services for direct response, both long and short form placement
  • Determination of advantages and disadvantages of various advertising mediums client products and services